8K a Week, yes thats 8kaweek.com
8kaweek Low cost, HUGE WEEKLY Payouts


In 6-Weeks, I will unveil my most powerful income

producing opportunity yet!

My new plan will put money in your pocket faster

than any other system ever to hit the Internet!

And I’m not kidding!


I believe that those of you who are active in 8K right

now and building your business should be rewarded

by having the first crack to cash in on this new cash

bonus bonanza.


In case your wondering, this new initiative

will also help put your 8K business in residual cash



Because all Active 8K members’ will hear about this

secret cash generator before the rest of the world.

You need to make sure you’re not Lapsed, and call

all your Lapsed teammates, because I believe this is

my  biggest, best and most Lucrative offering ever.

Please don’t blow this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m serious!

 And, as you know, I’ve created some of the most

profitable programs the Internet has ever offered

and during the last 10 years, it’s been one success

after another…

 My programs have produced close to $700,000,000

million dollars and almost all of it went in the pockets of the participants!

So if I’m telling you this is my best ever….

You know this is going to be great!

 If your Lapsed, be sure to renew today before you’re compressedand lose everything.

If you have Lapsed teammates, contact them to

remind them to renew before they lose everything.

 And, most importantly, continue to invite

friends to you’re 8K website because they can use

what you have to offer!

 For almost a year, I have been working day and

night on this new exciting residual wealth building


Remember, you joined 8K to pay off debts,

build a new stream of income, go on an exotic

vacation, get that new car or save for retirement.

You joined so you can experience the freedom to

do what you want, when you want and with who

you want. RIGHT?

Whatever the reason, this new and rewarding

system is designed to accelerate your earnings and

allow you to fulfill all your financial dreams even

faster than you ever thought possible.

Even if you’ve been slacking in your 8K business

and maybe even Lapsed, its still not too late for


Simply renew, get busy with it and make the move

to be first in line for my new cash wealth building


Allow me to share one of my quotes from my soon

to be released book…

“They say that every action causes and even

greater reaction. Therefore… the more actions you

create, the more and greater reactions you can

expect.” David Rosen 2011

So, you can’t say we didn’t give you

advance warning!

I don’t want you kicking yourself 6 weeks from

now lamenting…

“If only….”

You need to ensure your busy with it now because

in 6-weeks YOU WANT TO BE IN FRONT of this

juggernaut and have a solid team in place for the


Only 6-weeks to go! Tick, tick tick! The time is ticking


So, get busy with it, because the rest of 2011 is going

to be the year in which your financial life can change


David Rosen CLO, MME

Millionaire Mentor

8K Founder 

“The action you take today is creating the future of your tomorrow.” David Rosen 2011


OK, coming up on our 1 year anniversary at www.8kaweek.net and things are really heating up. We have a new live site with a “No Selling Allowed” Policy.

Our 1 year money back guarantee still in effect and most importantly we now have incorporated a new “recurring weekly enroller bonus”

That’s right wich now make it easier than ever to be in profit!

It’s called 3 N’ FREE.

We pay a $10 recurring weekly bonus for every personal enrollee that joins you.

Just 3 and you not only free but in profit!

Enroll 10 = $100/week

Enroll 20 = $200/week

No limit on this new bonus, 3 N’FREE!

This means you don’t have to be a recruiting fool, in fact enroll just 3 just once help them to do the same and you will supplement and eventually replace your current weekly income.

$20, $75, $175, $275, $400, $650, and so on, Just think of what this income can do for you and your loved ones!

We are proven! Tried, tested and Proven!

1 year in, thousands of members around the world growing consistent weekly income.

You can do this, Anyone can!

Call Rocco for details!

8K A Week



exciting things happening at 8k a week www.1111.8kaweek.net

  • we have been paying weekly commissions every Friday since February
  • we have compressed the matrix and are very solid
  • we are growing globally, steadily and surely, by the day
  • we have a new site coming out next week
  • we have a new vehicle coming out in 30 days that will once again create quite a buzz
  • we are letting everyone sign up for 18.50 til the new site goes live
  • we have many leaders joining, many coming back
  • we have a product everyone needs, websites, capture pages and auto responders
  • we have a guaranteed path to weekly residual income
  • a 5 second explanation to success, no rocket science here
  • oh yea, weekly residual commissions
If you are lapsed, were compressed, were abandoned, or just got lost and are willing to commit and
do a minimal amount of work, please resign up using my guest code
could ya use some extra weekly income?
how long do you think it should take to achieve 500/wk, 1500/week or 8k/week
great things build over time, this can be your time, your future, you freedom,
your choice, all for 18.50/week
This is easy peasy, you have never done anything this simple!
The best support available, come back, get your 3 or more, have hem do the same
and watch your weekly income grow, week after week, 
my product page, please join my newsletter www.irocco.com
and see double click the presentation in the widget bar
Our product will help you grow anything else you may be doing
a message from our Founder   http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WwS890VQ

Please take note that  95 % of the word  scam related to 8kaweek is being posted by one person hiding behind a screen name called 8kaweekscam.

We do not hide behind screen names, fictitious names, emails or answering machines, we are about helping people around the globe earn easy weekly residual incomes and we can easily be reached pretty much 24/7

I can tell you that one other person who has done some scam posting by the name of John was offered and open forum interview with the founder and ceo David Rosen and myself, Rocco DiBenedetto anytime anywhere, he has responded and we are waiting for a meeting.

The same holds true for Mr or Mrs.  8kaweekscam, anytime anywhere, come out from behind your screen name, show us that you have a gripe and we can discuss it in an open forum of your choice.

Please take note that 8K A Week has nothing to hide, it is a very transparent company and the Founder is confident to challenge anyone about anything, anywhere concerning 8K A Week.

We have The greatest program to hit the industry in decades for many reasons, please do your due diligence and you can make an informed decision for yourself.

A quick little bit of info about us and some new features and looks are here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF_r8lHW0zQ&feature=related

8K A Week is an easy to do program, if you are looking for some type of  lengthy dissertation or long explanation of how it works or what the products are you wont find one.

It is a 1, 2, 3 step process of watching the video on the site, registering, and enjoying the product and inviting people to do the same so that you can take advantage of the most powerful 3 x 6 matrix compensation plan and begin growing weekly bonuses that can grow to 8k a week and more.

Now as you set your first goal of a hundred a week, or a thousand a week you must know that you can to a mathematical certainty get to 8k a week and more, undisputedly!

Our motto:

“8K A Week for Life”

It really is easy!

Team Rocco/Lori have all the information you need in place to succeed, we have a team rotator in place at 8kleaders.com you will have to speak to us about our co-op advertising for our team, we have a social network in place but have not yet launched it, it will be the 24/7 meeting place for all 8k members and prospects to come and get real-time up to date information about the team and 8K A Week.

You may visit the social network at 8kaweek.tc  you can join it but you will notice there is not any activity there yet as we have not implemented it, we are waiting for the new site colors to come out by mid October.

The new site, team rotator, major global campaign can create enough momentum to get your new 8 k business and weekly income off to a great start, cya soon!


Getting paid every Friday RESIDUAL COMMISIONS week after week takes work, even at 8KAWeeK!

Weekly income, how much do you want?

$100/week, $250/week, $500/week, $1000/week, $1500/week or just name your weekly income, maybe 8K a Week ?

HARD WORK, The rewards are REALLY worth it!

I work some day’s 2 hours but most days 18 hours! I am in control of when and where for the most part!

It AINT EASY making the BIG BUCKS!

Please read on…

9-5 blows right, but you keep doing it to pay the bills

You have to get up every day and listen to someone telling you what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and when you can take a break for lunch or a smoke.

It is amazing how many network marketers work “real jobs”, probably hate what there doing, where there doing it, and what it takes to get to and from work every day, yet they keep doing it. Lets not forget the “costs to keep the job”, like the clothing expense, traveling expense, being away from home or family for 10-12 hours a day,  and  food expense even if you brown bag it!

The funny thing is, they want to work from home, they want to be entrepreneurs, they want to be in control, but continue to work harder at the “real” job they hate than BUSTING IT OUT FOR THEMSELVES!


The BIG question is, how hard are you trying?

What most people think hard is…

Getting in first, or being at the top of the next best thing or anything for that matter.

Knowing where to advertise

Knowing how to advertise

Knowing what to write for ad copy

Knowing how to build a list

What tools to use

Following up with leads and prospects

Speaking to people

Ask for the sale

Getting distracted by the next offer in the in box

Worrying about the “next guy or gal” is doing in another program

Knowing how to organize

Knowing the importance of “singleness of purpose’ or just plain old Focus

Being persistent

Being consistent

Being passionate about what they are doing (if you don’t love it, don’t do it!)

Crying foul of the first legitimate hurdle or speed bump

Poor Me Syndrome

How bad do you want it?

OK then, pull up your skirts and lets get busy!


Do you want to do the 40 hours a week for 40 thousand a year for 40 years, which by the way is more than likely bearly getting by, and becoming harder and harder to find these days and if even if you find it, chances are you are gambling on it being a secure future.

I have the tools, I have the vehicle, I have the ad copy, I have the right emails, I have the “knowhow” I have the proven success record on line, off line, and at LIFE!

Maybe you have a vehicle you love, I can help you to drive it better, more efficiently, more effectively and help you to create more leads and income that you possibly imagine.


Well it really isn’t that hard, not as hard as the 9-5 we talked about in the beginning of this blog


because I don’t do anything that I can’t turn into to fun,

You are willing to listen to a boss, are you willing to listen to someone with a 30 year track record, someone who has been at the bottom, been at the top, someone who has mastered relationships, not to mention being married for 30 years!

I make more money online daily and weekly than most people on the internet

Take the TeamRocco Challenge, it won’t cost you anything to look and see, then pick up the phone and find out if we can work together”?

I will help anyone who is willing to succeed, I will take anyones call, how much time I can give depends on your character, I will give my team members more time than non team members, call if not anything else I will always have the joke of the day ready for you.

Rocco Di Benedetto 914 656 5367




8KaWeek has really delivered the goods over the past few weeks. Not only have we created weekly incomes for our members once again Davd continues to insure ease of duplication by adding some great new stuff to the new Site.

Check it our here at http://1111.8kaweek.netnotice that not only do we offer a free gift to our visitors for just checking it out, we now off to all of our members and Unprecedented 1year 110% unconditional make money guarantee, LOL.

Conversions have been simple with what 8K offer’s and the new site now pretty much does all of the selling for you, in addition some great testimonials have been incorporated to the landing page and and the free giveaway and make money guarantee are prominently displayed front and center.

So here it is in a nutshell:

Super Low entry price point

Excellent stand alone product

Unmatched income oppprtunty

Unconditional make money guarantee

weekly commissions, paid out on time

Timing is right as we have just begun and momentum has not kicked in

Rocco and Lori are always there for you with the 8k success blueprint!


Wow, got to play with our products today and heres the skinny. Its AWESOME!

Heres a comparison between the company I have been using over the past year (MMG) and our product

MMG $79/mo


MMG aflliate program

StickyWebPages 8k comp plan

MMG Single page capture page

StickyWebPages Five page web template with capture (more pages can be added)

MMG Limited Ad Copy

StickyWebPages Unlimited Ad copy

MMG No Color Text, limited Text variation, controled by copy area, no font control

StickyWebPages Color Text, and font contol

MMG Must use their outdated video generator to add video

StickyWebPages emmbed any video you like

StickyWebPages http://irocco.com

YOU BE THE JUDGE! Join Rocco & Lori here http://www.1111.8kaweek.com


Wow what a ride, 8kaweek proves to make a mark in the mlm industry!

So, if you’ve been following my posts here’ s  just a quick summary update

About 30 days days ago Rocco, Lori and David name the newest of David Rosens creations 8kaweek.

About 2 weeks ago Lori Rocco and Dave whisper the program to hand full of friends.

Plans are to have members build with no knowledge of earnings and then launch on Feb 1 and do a live income reveal for all members simultaneously  at 9PM

Shortly after we open enrollment, and begin 3 overview calls daily, the members begin overloading call lines sending their guests

By Tuesday Jan 26th the buzz is growing and Dave tells Rocco to let everyone know we will have a special announcement on Wednesday at 9PM to tell people how they can supersize their biz until launch.

Rocco says NO, Dave wins! Lori Love loves it

Wednesday night  call almost reaches capacity (900+) with people calling in from all over the planet, Dave announces he will drop start up cost from $32.50 to $20 until Monday night launch.

Enrollments skyrocket, next few days of calls approach capacity and finally Monday night Planned income reveal call is delayed due to members crying out to extend $20 promotion.

Dave extends $20 enrollments only 2 days and announces Live launch and income reveal will be planned for Wednesday night 9PM.

Wednesday NIght Live Income Reveal, I believe this is the first of it’s kind, Callers dial in to the tune of 2000+

9:15 Dave sends text to programmer and incomes light up in the members area back office HOORAY!!!!!

Members come out and tell their incomes and the $$$ amounts were staggering as expected.

Commissions coninue to build moment by moment and on Friday for the first earnings claim in 8kaweek history, members claim their commission with expectations of a next week electronic deposit

Saturday Dave surprises all members by having all earned commissions deposited into our accounts for the first time, calls begin to come in, emails begin to come and members rejoice celebrate!

Hats off to David Rosen!


Rocco and Lori can show you how to set up for maximum payouts!!



Ok, so here it is, Global community screams out to extend $20 sign ups, (at www.1111.8kaweek.com) coupled with Rosen striving for Perfection causes a 48 hour delay for live income reveal.

Get registered, get busy, and be on the 9PM EST call 712 432 0075 pin 733856. The industry has never seen anything like this, our call will create staggering incomes and staggering testimonials.

This could have not work out better if it were planned ;).

What this means to you is that you can reach out to everyone you know that is looking for a wil and reach out and touch them NOW.

What we are witnessing is that great marketers who did not take action for pre positions all coming back and implementing their strategy to quickly get to 8kaweek and more.

It’s obvious with the buzz, the experience and track record of Rosen, leadership and lists of Rocco, and Lori, and the clear genius and simplicity of this program that we will continue to attract top leaders and their lists.

Do NOT delay, get in before your down lines do, and quickly tell them and get qualified! YOU WILL NOT LOOK BACK!

Lori and Rocco will soon begin the task of seeing that all of our team mates have 3!



You have been listening and we are extending the registration.

Hello Rocco we have spent several days preparing to have our site go live today for the first time, however, as happens in the normal course of business we are occasionally faced with delays. Today is one of those days.

We lost two days entering data and another day working out concerns with our processor who was having credit card challenges. These processor challenges have also meant some of you did not have the ability to completely setup your autopay and we want to ensure you are getting maximum benefit for your efforts by allowing you time to renew.

In addition, we had a herculean task of ensuring our massive data bases are communicating perfectly with each other. We are also completing our new website so our message imparts a professional and easy to understand message to ensure you maximum results when sending people to 8KAWeek.

Having said all of that we have been experiencing unheard of record breaking enrollments, which means three things; you have been doing a great job inviting people, people believe in David Rosen and what we are offering is long overdue.

You have found a business you can count on and a business that will deliver more thanhas been expected.

Congratulations Rocco for leading the charge, getting our message out and building your future!

David has also now decided to extend the offer until midnight on Wednesday because of our unexpected delay in completing the site by today.

Rocco delays are not bad news, they simply mean that the team is in overdrive making sure you have exactly what you have come to count on from David and a perfect business to secure your future.

We have a ton more news to share but wanted to get this news to you right away, be sure to be on tonight’s call as David delivers a state of 8K address.

Keep your momentum at a fever pitch and use these next two days to continue developing your future.

David Rosen
Founder 8KAWeek

“A business becomes innovative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better for the benefit of all”. David Rosen 2010


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